#PimpMyBio: T.K. Yeager (Pitch Wars 2017!)

Hey everyone!! I’m participating in Pitch Wars this year and it’s been incredibly fun so far. If you’re thinking “What the heck is Pitch Wars?” you should go to this website immediately. In order to share about myself, my manuscript, and my love for writing, I now present  to you my #PimpMyBio post! About Me… Continue reading #PimpMyBio: T.K. Yeager (Pitch Wars 2017!)

My Writing Inspirations: Honey & Bee

  I recently received a question from a writing friend on twitter (Thanks Morgan! @JMColbertBooks) that basically asked “Where the heck do you get your writing ideas from?” And my answer was – essentially everywhere. But, it did inspire me to write a post on my creative writing process and all the fun little Easter… Continue reading My Writing Inspirations: Honey & Bee