Pitchwars: What I’ve Gained + My Goals

I can’t believe what I’ve accomplished in this last month of my life. If someone a year ago would have told me that I’d finish, edit and submit a book to pitch wars, I probably wouldn’t have believed them… or I would have asked, what’s pitch wars? But amazingly, that’s exactly what I did.

And regardless of making it into the contest or not I, along with everyone else submitting to pitch wars, should be gosh darn proud of the fact that we finished writing a book! Yay us!!!

I learned so many great things from pitch wars like:

  • What a query should look like and how to write it in a catchy/clear way
  • How to write a synopsis (even if it’s painful)
  • Amazing tips on editing / good craft book suggestions
  • Endless additions to my TBR pile
  • That I’m not struggling alone in this tough world of writing
  • Submitting to Pitch Wars can’t hurt you. Everyone is SO NICE. It will only help you improve, so why not take the chance?


What Are My Goals Now?

Goals I already completed:

  1. Finish my novel
  2. Edit my novel and learn more tricks
  3. Meet a whole bunch of awesome mentors and mentees and increase my writer twitter friend count
  4. Submit my novel to Pitch Wars (this one will probably happen Sat/Sun)

Future Stretch Goals:

  1. Get one Pitch Wars mentor to ask me for more pages
  2. Get feedback from as many Pitch Wars mentors as possible for how to improve my manuscript for pitching/querying in the future


Future Extreme Stretch Goals:

  1. Get picked by a mentor for pitch wars
  2. Work my butt off and do well in the actual pitch war in November!
  3. Maybe even become a mentor in the future


Like it says, these are stretch goals. Everyone and their brother hopes to make it into Pitch Wars, but the sad reality is that only about 5% (or less) of submissions are actually selected by a mentor. I’m staying hopeful, but keeping in mind that I may not get selected in the end.

But What if You Don’t Make it into Pitch Wars, TK?

I’ll probably be sad, and maybe even pout for an hour or a day.

Then after eating some sort of sugary treat, I’ll start editing my book “The Beauty of Revenge” for the September 7 #pitmad on twitter. I may also pitch the pitchwars book (The Real Galagirl) as well if I feel like I can get that ready in time.

Then if that doesn’t work out, I may start to query traditionally while writing a brand spankin’ new book.

In my opinion, there’s never a shortage of things to do as a writer. And no matter what happens to me with Pitch Wars, I’ll have a path forward and onward. The only way to truly lose as a writer, is to give up. So I’m determined to never give up, so that someday I’ll actually succeed and see my book on a bookstore shelf somewhere.

Oh, the dreams that I dream ^_^

Have a great day and I wish all my fellow pitchwars-ians the best of luck!

❤ T.K.

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