My Current Writing Progress (Camp NaNo and others)

Hey all!

For this post, I’m doing more of a diary/update, so hopefully you enjoy my ramblings. Today I just want to talk/vent/shout about my progress on a few of my current projects. Some are doing great, others… are doing okay. Either way, I plan to participate in Pitch Wars in early August, which I’ve never done before (and am REALLY excited about). I’m hoping to pitch my newest WIP, but if I don’t finish in time, I may have to switch my focus to an older, completed manuscript.

If I’m not successful at snagging a mentee during #pitchwars, then I’m hoping to participate in #pitmad to see if I can find an agent for any of the following three books. We’ll see how I do!

(P.S. If you’ve never heard of pitch wars, you should definitely check it out. The twitter hashtag alone is SO helpful and fun)

Camp NaNoWriMo/#PitchWars Progress – The REAL Galagirl

So as I said in one of my previous blog posts, I am working on a brand new WIP during Camp Nano this July. To me, writing a first draft is REALLY hard and REALLY intimidating. I’m one of those weirdos who actually loves editing.

So for my goal for this Camp, I decided to try and finish my newest YA novel. I already had about 20k written, therefore I made a 35k goal (which is just a guess to get me to 55k) in order for me to finish my book. This breaks it down to roughly 1130 words a day. For me, it takes about an hour to write 1000 words and it ends up being about half a chapter.

I have been keeping up this pace and I’m pretty excited about it. If I wasn’t keeping up I’d have absolutely NO chance at making this WIP work for #pitchwars. Here is my current progress graph from Camp Nano, so you can be excited with me. Note: I haven’t written yet today which is the last bar on the chart.


It basically says I need to keep up my 1130 words per day (or more!) to finish before the end of July. The sooner I finish, the sooner I’ll be able to edit and make my manuscript shine! I’m really hoping I can do it! *fingers crossed*

I’ve been doing light edits and posting those chapters to Wattpad, so you can check out some of them on the link right here. However, I am not as far on the Wattpad stuff as I am on my actual progress (not even close).

And I’m also optimistically hoping to fit in some other stuff (like this blog post, contests and editing this WIP and other books) in the meantime. I’m biting off a lot, but I’m surprising myself in getting the most important of it done!


Editing – Honey & Bee

This was the first full novel I ever wrote. It went through major edits once and now I’m going through some more minor edits/tweaks to the story. Adding a thing here, fixing a personality quirk there… that kind of thing. I’ve been pretty distracted by my Camp Nano work, so this hasn’t been progressing as fast as I wanted, but I have been trying to do about one chapter a week (the chapters on this book are super short, so it’s doable). I think at this point I’m over 15% done with edits on this story, which isn’t too shabby.

My original goal was to have the whole new version posted to Wattpad by the end of July, but that’s definitely not realistic anymore. If I keep posting a chapter or two a week, I will probably end up finishing around fall… and I’m OK with that.

If you’re interested in checking out my progress or reading the story, go to the link here.


Editing – The Beauty of Revenge

I actually haven’t started the editing on this book yet. To be honest, there isn’t a whole lot to be done, just a few adjustments here and there. I know I need to add some world building (not my strong suit), add a few more explanations as to why certain things happen, fix a few small plot holes, and build the main romance with another scene… It actually sounds like a lot more work when I write it out like that, but for some reason, I feel less intimidated by this than by my editing on Honey & Bee. Maybe that’s because I’m happier with my current draft of this versus my current draft of Honey & Bee. *shrug*

Either way, I’ll probably start working on this either when 1) I realize I won’t finish The Real Galagirl in time for Pitch Wars or 2) after I’m done submitting The Real Galagirl into the #pitchwars contest ^_^


What is Pitch Wars?

So I’ve never actually done Pitch Wars before, but here’s what I know and here’s what I’m going to do. (More details can be found here:

  • You get to submit a query and first chapter to either 4 or 6 mentors of your choice
  • The mentors will all have bios and manuscript wish lists up on Wed July 19 (Thank goodness it’s soon, I’m DYING to twitter/blog stalk potential mentors)
  • The submission period to mentors is from Aug 2 to Aug 6 at 10PM EDT
  • After that, mentors will contact potential mentees for a synopsis, more pages, or a full manuscript.
  • Even if I don’t get selected, sounds like many of the mentors will give feedback regardless. I’m pretty pumped about this aspect of the challenge.

I’m hoping to at least get one mentor to ask for more pages beyond my first chapter. I really love the sarcasm and humor of my MC and the fact that it’s written in diary form. A few friends have looked over my query and said the concept is super fun, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for August!

The great thing about Pitch Wars is, that even if I don’t get selected, I’ll at least have a bit more time to fix my manuscripts up before #pitmad on September 7. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that perhaps I’ll be able to snag an agent from that event if I don’t get into Pitch Wars.

Regardless if these things work out, I’ll probably be heading over to Swoon Reads for the Fall deadline (which I’m guessing will be the end of September). Because I’m Swoon Obsessed, of course.

Wish me luck on my progress with writing and editing! And thanks for listening to me ramble ^_^

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