SwoonStalker Blog: My Season 11 Favorites and PREDICTION CONTEST!!

So I know my opinion doesn’t really matter, but I do like sharing it. Additionally I love cheering on the books that I loved the most for Season 11 on Swoon Reads. Also a (slightly embarrassing) fact about me is that I love brackets and trying to guess who will win contests… like the Bachelorette *cough I love that show cough*. So this is basically my version of Fantasy Swoon Reads I guess. Awww yeahhhh.



So like I said, I love contests, so I made one! The winner gets a Swoon book of their choice!

How to enter:

  • Leave a comment below on the 4 books you think Swoon will pick this season (only 4, no more, no less)
  • They cannot be the same 4 books that I selected below, but they can be the same as others in the comments (so don’t worry about searching through those).
  • Leave your twitter handle OR email in your comment so I can contact you later if you win. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your email in the comment section, you can always send it to me personally in my “Contact TK” section. Emails will only be used in the event of a win.
  • Leave your comment by Sunday, July 9 at 11:59pm EST (Swoon will probably start contacting people after that, so that’s why it’s quick )

How you win:

  • After the Swoon Season 11 selection is announced (likely in late August/ early September) I will see who has the most correct guesses.
  • If there are multiple people with the same number of correct guesses, I’ll go with the person that guessed the list order more accurately.
  • If I’m the one that happens to pick the most correct books, I WIN! Muahahaha!

What you win:

  • I will contact the winner via twitter or email after the Season 11 list is announced
  • I will send that person a Swoon Reads book of their choice!

So now that you understand the contest, check out my favorites of the season and my picks below!

*For your selecting reference, Season 11 starts with the book Maybe One Day (currently on page 12) and ends with Castle in the Crooked Wood (currently page 2). That’s about 95 books to choose from, so good luck!


My Favorite Books of Season 11

So this section is always really hard for me. I love so many books for so many different reasons. And there are plenty that I didn’t even have the chance to read, or even a few where I only managed to read a few chapters (my TBR got seriously out of control this season). So, for my own selfish reasons, here is a list of books that I would select (if I had the power) and why.

  1. Castle in the Crooked Wood by HxH
    Not sure if you saw my comment on this one, but the world building was AMAZING. All of the characters were quirky and fun and the imagery of the Crooked Wood was beautifully creepy. I loved all the characters and how this fantasy story also included witches, magic, and dragons. What’s not to like?
  2. Thanks For Being You by Melissa Liban
    So heartfelt, so raw and full of completely real emotions. I really felt for Bay and Tabby and their individual issues. This whole book was lovely and I want to hug the main characters close and just love them forever.
  3. The Price by Cassie Rose
    Again, this book had amazing world building. It was dark and war-ridden and had dancing/ballet and OMG I was freaking obsessed with the male MC, Ferdinand. If I was Nadia I totally would have hugged him and never ever let go (you know except for the whole war/Mr. Lennox/fighting for their lives thing).
  4. REVERSE by Rachel Shane
    This book was a refreshing breath of uniqueness on Swoon. We don’t get much Sci-Fi and this one truly delivered. It made me think “what if we could store our memories in a database” and “OMG WE SHOULD NEVER STORE OUR MEMORIES IN A DATABASE”. My only complaint is that the ending didn’t answer as many questions as I wanted. TELL ME MORRRE.
  5. Star-Crossed by Francesca Grandillo
    As far as beautifully written books go, this one was the easiest and quickest for me to read. I was obsessed from day one with the plot and UBER obsessed with the male MC. I was drooooling all over Dario the ENTIRE book. All of the ballet/dancing references for Violeta were spot on and I loved them. The fantasy aspects of the book were killer as well ^_^ My only complaint was the ending, but I have very specific tastes, so that’s just my opinion (many people really loved it).
  6. The Bigfoot Murders by Megan Gaudino
    Mystery is another underrepresented genre on Swoon and in this book, I adored this book. The characters were quirky and undeniably teen which I loved. The mystery/murder was intriguing without being obvious what the resolution was going to be in the end. And Fiona’s struggles with her friends/parents were SO real. All the feels about that last part.
  7. Dangerous Play by Alison Miller
    Three high school boys who are best friends from their soccer team play pranks on one another and in general mess with each other’s lives. Lots of hijinks and drama in this one that make me laugh and cringe all at once.
  8. The Birds, the Bees, and You and Me by Olivia Reed
    Super cute concept dealing with a very real problem (non-helpful sex ed) in parts of the US. It includes quirky friends, finding your own sexuality and the occasional music discussion, which I loved.
  9. Turns by Samantha Hastings
    A twin swap story set in Victorian England. They each pretend to be the same sister, pursuing her own hobbies, but fall for different men. What a scandal!
  10. The Beauty of Revenge by T K Yeager
    This is my book. Obviously I always hope to be selected even if I don’t think it’s going to happen. I love my characters and my banter in this book and would love to hear if you have any more suggestions for how to improve it!


My Picks for the Season 11 List

So these are all my opinions and based purely on hunches/comments/ratings/stalking. I didn’t do a formal one of these last season, but FYI, I only guessed 1 out of 4 of the selected books correctly for season 10 (Scratch That by Tiana Smith). The other three I didn’t even read, so it’s entirely possible that I didn’t even notice/read some of the selected for this season, although I hope I did a better job this time!

As a side note, I’m only limiting myself to 4 books since Swoon typically only selects 4 books. Here we go!

  1. Castle in the Crooked Wood by HxH
    I loved this book SO much that I would be very very disappointed if Swoon didn’t select it this season. I really have my fingers crossed for it.
  2. REVERSE by Rachel Shane
    Swoon Reads needs more Sci-Fi reppin’ in my opinion, that’s why I’m putting a strong vote behind this book. Also, it was well written and had a fantastically unique concept.
  3. Thanks For Being You by Melissa Liban
    Swoon’s bread and butter is the contemporary romance. This book has that, plus some hot topics (anorexia/Tourette’s) with extremely heartwarming characters and sweet romance. This author writes bunches of beautiful novels, so I’d love to see her get selected!
  4. Turns by Samantha Hastings
    Swoon seems to really like period books. This romantic Victorian version of Sister Sister/The Parent Trap seems like it’s right up Swoon’s alley.

Books that I think came close and might end up being on the list because I’m not actually a psychic (haha)

  1. Dangerous Play by Alison Miller
    I’m enjoying the book so far but Swoon JUST announced a sports romance book. This may just be bad timing for this novel to be honest. It is a good book though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it showed up in the list anyway.
  2. The Birds, the Bees, and You and Me by Olivia Reed
    Cute concept and great writing, but I felt that the main theme of sex education that was teased in the blurb didn’t happen quickly enough. With a little polishing, I think this could easily get picked up by Swoon in the future.
  3. Star-Crossed by Francesca Grandillo
    I feel like Swoon may have had the same reservations about the ending on this book as I did. However, this book deals beautifully with many heavy issues like illegal immigrants and sex trafficking. If Swoon doesn’t pick this book up, someone else will and it will shine (it has over 1.2 mil views on wattpad last I checked O_o)
  4. The Beauty of Revenge by T K Yeager
    I think my book may have been a smidge too short, a smidge not world-buildy enough and smidge not polished enough. I’ll be working on fixing those smidges ^_^
  5. Of Blades and Glass by Dorothy A. Winsor
    I haven’t really talked about this one much because it didn’t interest me a whole ton. However the reason I think this one is in the running is because one of the previous swoon authors contacted this author to make a cover for her. Covers are very important on Swoon so I think Swoon may have wanted to garner more attention for this book to give it a shot. Again, this is all speculation, but still I considered it #suspicious

I am pretty sad that Season 11 is officially over and that we probably have to wait til the end of August or early September to officially find out who made the Season 11 list. At that point in time I’ll either write an “I told you so” or a “LOL I wasn’t even close” blog post about the selected.

Don’t forget to post your 4 book guesses and your twitter handle/email in the comments below!!!

I can’t wait to see who wins!


12 thoughts on “SwoonStalker Blog: My Season 11 Favorites and PREDICTION CONTEST!!

  1. *sniffs* You are so kind. It really makes my day/week/month to hear that someone liked my book enough to think it deserves to be published.

    Fate is watching and will curse me if I list my own book. (Plus I really want Love, Lies, and Spies so I’m going full-on pragmatic here.) My bet is based purely on book popularity and what type of novels Swoon Reads likes to publish. I think they have a fond spot for contemporary.


    Dangerous Play
    The Birds, the Bees, and You and Me
    Thanks For Being You

    If I could choose which books would be published, I’d definitely include Until Death in the list, which was funny and fun and kept me reading into the wee hours of the night. I enjoyed a lot of books but that one could use a signal boost.

    Awesome contest! Twitter handle is @witchofthewords

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So fun!!!! Ok, so to be clear, I have only read Thanks for Being You so the rest of my selection is from stalking and hunches 🙂 (1.) Thanks for Being You (2.) Turns: A Victorian Novel (3.) Reverse (4.) Of Blades and Glass (Emma Day rated this swoonworthy).


  3. I didn’t do enough reading to actually have a good vote, but here’s who I guess will get it!

    1 Cinderfella by Kristy Brown (it was #1 in the featured list in the Swoon newsletter and they usually take one or two from those four 😝)
    2 The Beauty of Revenge by TK, I think it’d be awesome to have them publish it!
    3 Crossbones by Kimberly Vale, she has some really awesome fantasy and I don’t remember if this was submitted in time for the deadline, but it should get published! She has it entered into the Wattys too, maybe she’ll get that too xD
    4 On Fire by Vivyan Lynne, you know, I actually don’t think they’ll select my book, but I think they should. They said they were looking for diversity and own voices and stuff in their manuscript wishlist before they announced season 10 picks. I gave them that diversity with a splash of Swoon Reads flair, but I guess they just don’t like to pick authors for books about gay guys xP

    My twitter handle @vivyanlynne good luck to all!


  4. Okay, here goes. I’m still fairly new to Swoon, so this is mostly based on stalking and gut instinct.
    1) Reverse
    2) Dangerous Play
    3) The Birds, The Bees, and You and Me
    4) Star-Crossed
    Reverse I’m fairly sure is going to be picked. I also chose two contemporary because Swoon is pretty in love with contemporary ha ha! And then Star-Crossed because it did so well at the start of the season, and I just have a sneaky feeling they still like it.
    And if this was Cassie Reads instead of Swoon Reads, I’d totally pick Marked, All the Shapes of a Heart, Castle in the Crooked Wood, and Eden– because all of those are fantastic novels that I wish would be loved more!


  5. This is impossible, since I only read a tiny fraction of the books I wanted to, but I guess I’ll throw my hat into the ring.

    1. Reverse
    2. The Price
    3. When My Shift Ends
    4. Turns


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