SwoonStalker Series: What Do I Even Read? Season 11 Edition

The Season 11 Deadline has now officially passed! Can you believe it? I’m super pumped for read month! Read moth is where the Swoon community reads and tries to get our favorite books published! This read month goes til 11:59 on July 8.

But anyway, this blog post is dedicated to all the books that I loved, that I still want to read, and that I think deserve to be read by YOU. So check out all of my helpful lists, and hopefully it helps narrow down your TBR (to be read) list!

For your reference, there are currently 92 books in Season 11. The first book is “Maybe One Day” (currently on page 10) and the last book is “Our Blurry Faces” (I’m not actually sure if it was submitted before the deadline, but I’m just assuming it was. Robyn was for sure submitted before the deadline). For additional reference the last book of Season 10 was “The Emotional Interface” and I believe the last book of Season 9 was “Rosicrucian” (if you’re really wanting to scroll back that far).

Please keep in mind that these lists are only my opinions and that I in no way, shape or form affect the decisions of the Swoon staff. Just because your book may/ may not be on here doesn’t mean that it will/won’t get selected and noticed!

My Favorite Season 11 books (that I’ve read) so far:

Books I’m hoping I’ll be able to read/finish soon (AKA my hopeful TBR):

Books With Under 5 Ratings That Deserve Your Read/Rating:

Books that I think have the best shot at getting picked this season:

My favorite/most creative concepts of Season 11:

  • REVERSE by Rachel Shane (Someone is hacking memories and trying to make Arden – main character – forget about her super secret school project… how to time travel)
  • All the Shapes of a Heart by Allie Martin (A girl’s brother dies and she goes on a road trip to find the people who received the pieces of his donated heart… plus a bit of romance ^_^)
  • Eden by Tracey Joseph (Creepy cool concept about a girl who thinks she falls in love with a fairy. There is also some strong girl-friendship bonds, which I love)
  • Cinderfella by Kristy Brown (Gender reversed Cinderella. The guy is the farmhand, the girl is the princess, hehe)
  • The Birds, The Bees and You and Me by Olivia Reed (A very Christian high school isn’t taught properly about sex ed, so one girl takes it upon herself to be the one that others can turn to)
  • The Bigfoot Murders by Megan Gaudino(There are some mysterious murders happening and they all point to one myth… bigfoot. So a girl hijacks her mother’s Sasquatch hunting TV show to figure the mystery out)
  • Turns by Samantha Hastings (Twin sisters take turns posing as the same person so that they can each pursue their own hobbies… but they fall in love with different men!)

Top 5 best looking Sci-fi/Fantasy/Paranormal books of Season 11:

Top 5 best looking Contemporary books of Season 11:

Top 5 best looking Romance books of Season 11:

Top 5 best looking “Issue” books of Season 11:

My Favorite Covers

My Favorite Short Descriptions

My Favorite Titles

10 books with the most comments on Season 11 (on 6/5 at 6pm EST):

10 books with the most ratings on Season 11 (on 6/5 at 6pm EST):

My favorite (non-selected and still on the site) books from Season 10 that you could check out if you have time:

Hope this list helped you out and gave you a new book or two to read!!! Let me know your favorite books below! And if they’re your favorites, make sure you comment/rate on them on Swoon! The authors will really appreciate it!

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