Well, Hello There!

So… I feel like this, being my first blog post EVER, should be more significant. However, I’m just going to stick to the basics.

Hey there! I’m T.K. Yeager! I love to read and write YA novels, especially ones involving more than just a pinch of romance. In fact, that’s why I’m starting this blog… so I can share that love with the rest of the world!

A few more random fun facts about me:

  • I’m originally from the midwest, but moved out to the west coast to pursue my career after college.
  • I graduated with an undergrad in engineering (wait a sec, isn’t this a writing blog? Don’t worry, my engineering nerdiness won’t come out too much… I hope)
  • I’m a huge fan of drumming. Specifically marching drums. I played the marching bass drum from 2004-2017 and recently decided to stop in order to pursue my other love… writing!!
  • My favorite books include: Ella Enchanted, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Harry Potter Series, The Selection Series and SOOO much more… It would take way too long to tell you about them.
  • I am a HUUUUGE fan of SwoonReads and have a few books on their website. Many of my blog posts will probably center on activities and my opinions on that website. But we’ll see where it takes me ^_^ (Sidenote: I also love LOVE Tangled)
  • I absolutely love gifs!! (If you can’t already tell, haha)
  • I once got into a fight with a shark with my bare hands… and won.

Okay, so that last one was a lie, but the rest is all 100%, unfiltered me.

I hope to provide meaningful (or just fun) content and that I can have some good discussions with all of you wonderful people about whatever’s on your mind. I love questions and I’ll do my best to answer anything you throw at me.

Feel free to connect with me on the following three websites where I’m a proud (and active) member of each! They are all related to writing, so if that’s what you’re interested in, you’ve come to┬áthe right person!

I look forward to where this journey will take me!

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